2. Diesel Engine oil Benix Diesel Engine Oil is high performance multi grade engine oil formulated for light and medium duty commercial and passenger vehicles in short haul service. It is developed from high quality base stocks and proven performance additives which protect critical engine parts from corrosion & wear,controls engine deposits and reduce oil consumption under various operating conditions. It Protects against ring and cylinder wear and Minimizes piston & combustion chamber deposits.

Benix turbo plus 15W40 CI4
Benix Pride XL 15W40 CH4
Benix Extra Premium 15 W40 Cf4
Benix Multigrade 20W40
Benix BQ resar 20W40

BENIX products helps in achieving economy in use and improves efficiency of the machines,giving uninterrupted production. A significant fact and a matter of pride is that the BENIX products conform to the high international quality standards and can be used for all applications. For this BENIX uses modern technology to produce an impressive range of products from premium quality automotive and industrial lubricants to petroleum specialties waxes and jellies for a host of uses. BENIX products meet the stringent requirements of the customers and confirm to the highest national and international quality standards and specifications .

The Engine Oil made by them is processed from 100% important base stock that is suitable for us under extreme temperature conditions. The main features of Benix International products are:-

  • Extended engine life
  • Protection against rusting and corrosion excellent engine
  • Cleanliness long oil period
  • high quality engine oil for Auto and Industrial Engines
  • To provide quality products that meets each customer specifications.
  • We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes,products and to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements
    • To treat each and every customer both internal and external as the most important customer.
    • Achieving total customer satisfaction and delight is our main motto.
    • To make channel partner and supplier of the company a stake holder of the organization.
    • To give importance to each member of the BENIX INTERNATIONAL.
    • Team and to his role is in the organization and value his merits and achievements